In 1970 Dr. Stanley Salsberg opened his optometry practice in Willowdale, moving it to its present location at 180 Sheppard Avenue East in Toronto 25 years ago.

Considered to be one of the most progressive optometric practices in North America, Eyes on Sheppard currently serves 50,000 patients and is in dire need of new facilities for the eight doctors and over 20 staff to continue to offer the latest technologies and personalized care patients have come to expect.

Deeply rooted in the community, Eyes On Sheppard founder Dr. Salsberg has seen the area mature and change from a quaint, largely residential neighbourhood with one-storey buildings into a busy commercial district with a downtown urban feel and look.

Determined to keep the practice at its present location and at the same time make a contribution to the neighbourhood by providing it with an iconic new building that would compromise neither on form nor on function, the Salsberg family partnered with Stonegate Realty Advisors Inc. to develop the concept of a mixed-use building, with Eyes On Sheppard on the ground floor and several floors of spacious and inviting condominiums above.