For over 25 years 180 Sheppard Avenue East in Toronto has been the home of Eyes on Sheppard, a family-run eye care centre.

The practice has long outgrown the single-storey building that has been its domicile for most of its existence, and which today is very much an anachronism among the glass-faced office towers and shopping centres in the area.

Monocle Developments Inc., was established to take on the challenge of replacing the existing building with a mixed development more in tune with the upscale surroundings, while at the same time retaining a community feel and focus.

Guided by the vision of Eyes on Sheppard founder Dr. Stanley Salsberg, Monocle Developments arrived at the concept of a "vertical neighbourhood," a building anchored by an expanded eye care centre on the ground floor, and several floors of spacious condominium units above.

In order to ensure that the owner's vision of a sustainably designed character building would override other concerns, proposals from other developers and builders intent on combining the property with an adjoining one for a much larger project were rejected.

The Monocle Developments management team and its design partners have a wide range of experience in all areas of planning, design and construction. They look forward to working with interested parties and community members to create an iconic building to serve as the new home of Eyes on Sheppard and provide innovative living space in this changing neighbourhood.